Shanora is Your WordPress Training Team

Create Your Own WordPress Website

We’d love to show you how to install and maintain your own WordPress website. We can walk you through the entire learning process – from choosing a domain and hosting provider to putting the finishing touches on your pages.

Maintain Your WordPress Website

Is your WordPress website updated and backed up properly? Many assume that their developer or web host perform these tasks. When hacking occurs, most find that this isn’t the case. We work with you to ensure you have a proper procedure in place to quickly recover in any event.

Increase Performance of Your WordPress Website

Is your WordPress website performance affecting your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Both Google and Bing use page loading speed as a ranking factor. While many SEO experts focus on page content, we focus on teaching about performance aspects that negatively affect your score.

Secure Your WordPress Website

Is your WordPress website as safe and secure as it could be? Let’s find out together. Most website developers and designers are not trained to be security experts. Our trained security experts will work with you to identify and mitigate potential security risks or concerns on your website.

Teaching and Learning Methods

We can teach you in person (Colorado Springs area only), by phone or via Skype or We value the one on one experience and believe that people learn best from a mixture of explanation, visual examples, and trial and error with learning time in our test environments.

Save Money by Doing it Yourself

Do you want to stop paying for things that you could learn to do yourself? With proper instruction, you could be saving money while learning more about your most valuable marketing tool.

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Why use Shanora Networks?

Shane and Nora are seasoned IT professionals and wear the hats of system administrators, WordPress web designers and Internet security experts.

Their favorite thing? Finding problems and fixing them correctly.

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