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New Divi Feature: The Shape Divider

The creators of Divi recently added an amazing new feature that will give your site some new design elements without having to add a bunch of extra code – the Divi Shape Dividers!

This new feature allows you to add various shapes to the tops and bottoms of Divi section modules. This makes it easy to create some “Wow” on your plain old straight-lined sight.

Previously, you would have to create the perfect sized image background, add a code module with lines and lines of code to your Divi Builder, or you would have to add custom css to your style sheet in order to create custom edges to your Divi sections. Now the ability to add unique dividers is readily available in each section module.

Divider Facts

There are 26 different divider shapes which you can add to the top or the bottom of any Divi section. You can also flip the dividers  horizontally and/or vertically. Each divider has several additional options including:
• Color, which can automatically inherit the color of the current and adjacent section for perfect color blending.
• Resizing
• Repeating
• Placing above or below your content


While the visual builder is not always the best option for everyone, this is one feature that’s better accessed using the visual builder. It allows you to see all of the options and changes as you are working. There are so many fun options to add a little bit of design for a really big impact.

As of version 3.0.101, you can now add dividers from within your section modules (not the divider module).


Divi Shape Dividers

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