I first connected with Shane early last year to get some help updating my then, current website but ended up creating an entirely new site on Shane’s recommendation. He told me that in order to make changes to my current site I would need to go back to the person who created it, which meant more money out of my pocket with no assurance it would even work properly.

Shane and I went to work to design and build a new site that was easy to update and more user friendly. In the process I learned so much about my offerings, my business and how to make changes and updates, posting blogs and so much more. Each time we meet, I build on the knowledge I have already acquired. This leaves the maintenance in my hands and when I need help, I call on Shane and his wife Nora to assist with the things that are above me.

Shane and Nora are both very knowledgeable in the process of not only building a good site but also maintaining the site and its security.

I would HIGHLY recommend this couple/team to anyone who is need of an honest and trustworthy team.

-Lynzie Bailey