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How to Test WordPress Speed and Performance

Do you remember back when the modem existed and we all connected to the Internet with dial-up? If so, You probably also remember what it felt like to wait for a website to load. Graphics would load one line at a time and it was normal for pages to take several seconds...

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How to Save Your Bacon with a Child Theme

Imagine creating the perfect customized WordPress website, but you didn't create a child theme. The next time you update your theme or WordPress installation, you may find disaster. This is because updates overwrite files with new versions. So, if you customized any...

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An Awesome Divi Double Menu Style You’ll Love

Divi gives tons of ways to customize your header, but occasionally a client wants more menu options. There are a lot of plugins available to modify the menus, but plugins aren't always the answer and often cost $$$. There is an option that doesn't require...

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